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Walker's Virtual Simulation

Walker's Virtual Simulation

Walker's virtual simulation was developed based on an open-source dynamics engine and a 3D rendering engine. Combined with the ultra-realistic simulation environment and a vast number of sensor configurations, Walker's virtual simulation allows for porting and reuse of simulation code on the machine, which can significantly boost the development efficiency.

System Architecture

Function Demonstration

  • Push Recovery

  • Multiple Terrain Adaption

  • Footprint Planning

  • Opening the Refrigerator

  • Going up the Stairs

  • Pushing a Cart

Core Features

  • Multi-Sensor Models And Interfaces

  • Precise Robot Simulation Model

  • Multiple Virtual Environment Scenarios

  • Robot Control Interfaces and Documents

  • Basic Demo Validation

Product Strengths

  • Dynamic Foot and Leg Control

    Multiple Interfaces

    Support of C, C++, Python, Matlab, and ROS.
  • Dynamic Foot and Leg Control

    Multiple Sensors

    Position sensors, speed sensors, torque sensors, etc.
  • Dynamic Foot and Leg Control

    Diverse Scenarios

    Multiple scenarios or environments can be selected to expand the educational research and competition platform.
Dynamic Foot and Leg Control


Humanoid Service Robot Simulation Challenge

UBTECH and SYNCED jointly held the "Walk into the Future -Humanoid Service Robot Simulation Challenge" at the 2020 WAIC Summit. In this challenge, the Walker model and related data were opened to challengers. Universities, research institutions and leading developers worldwide were invited to participate in this competition. Fifteen development tasks of varying levels of difficulty were completed.