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AI Lab Solution

AI Lab guarantees an effective learning space in schools suitable for academic and experiential curriculum for AI education .

   The AI Labs built in K-12 or Vocational schools are fundamental infrastructures equipped with curriculum recourses, hardware, software, teaching platform, and everything needed to carry out AI education. The teachers will be well-trained and prepared. AI labs can be standardized and established through regional projects, and finally realize the large-scale implementation of AI education.

7 Modules of AI Labs Solution

Objectives of AI Talent Development

Systematic and consecutive AI curricula

AI Education Hardware Matrix

Professional AI Teaching & Learning Tools

AI Class Teaching

Graphic Programming

Text-Based Programming

3D Simulation

AI Education Platform

AI Education Platform is an online platform designed for connecting and benefiting all user groups in AI education.

Teacher - Smart Teaching & Managing

Student - Easy Learning & Experimenting

Administrator - Result Evaluating & Demonstrating

Teacher Training Programs

AI & Robotics
Competition Operation


Stimulate the interest of AI study

Improve students' practical skills of solving problems

Brings people's attention to its brand and location

Displays the achievements of AI education

Resources & Supports




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