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E-learning PlatformE-learning Platform

E-learning Platform

The Artificial Intelligence Education and Creation Platform

A multi-dimensional AI education and creation platform integrating learning, teaching, and creating.


  • Systematic digital AI curriclum

  • 3D immersive self-driven learning scenarios

  • Programming tools with low coding difficulty and strong AI attributes


  • Online teacher's training programs

  • Rich AI digital teaching resources

  • Virtual class videos & animations

  • Course creating & editing tool

  • Studetent progress evaluation & analysis system


  • 3D scenario designing tools

  • Graphic programming tools

  • Text programming tools

  • Virtural test & competition field

  • Uploading & sharing platform

Break the limit of time and space


School administators:

AI teaching and learning monitoring

Teachers :

Class management
Teaching tasks Accomplishment
Class plan creating and editing

Students :

learn in class


Students :

Independent study
Programming and practice
Work creation

Parents :

Children's learning performance monitoring

Fascinating AI Education Tools

3D Scenario Designing Tools

3D immersive self-driven learning scenarios.
Students can create their scenarios with the
3D scenario designing tools.

Programming Tools

Programming tools with low coding difficulty
and strong AI attributes.It supports graphic
programming and text programming tool.

Futuristic Vitural Classroom

   Gamification of Learning

Gamification of Learning

   Virtual class videos & animations

  Virtual class videos & animations

   Online tests and personalization
of study contents

Online Evaluation System

Sufficient AI Education Contents

Digital AI Curriclum

Systematic Digital AI Curriclum

Consistent with international standards
Artificial intelligence content as the core of the curriculum
Interdisciplinary task-based design

One-Stop Teaching-Managing Panel

Provide a learning analytics system that promotes individualized student development

Teaching-Managing Panel
  • Conduct personalized learning analysis

  • Accurate delivery of personalised course content for individual students

Learning Data Panel
  • Establish a diversified developmental assessment system to promote the individual development of students

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