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Smart Elderly Care

AI for Care, Tech for Good
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Nurturing Health, Inspiring Happiness,
Unleashing the Innovative AI Technology in Senior Care

We offer a wide range of fully integrated, cutting-edge healthcare robotics and smart devices poised to help the healthcare industry transcend its current limitations. The solution is applied in seven key scenarios of smart elderly care and incorporates advanced artificial intelligence, IOT, 5G and big data in order to enhance the quality life of seniors.
  • Government Partnership

    Helping the government guarantee healthcare services by leveraging our advanced technology and expertise in elderly care.

  • Enterprise Empowerment

    Enabling enterprises to upgrade smartly with our innovative solutions, enhancing their offerings in the elderly care industry.

  • Family Smart Elderly Renovation

    Serving families with smart solutions for renovating their homes, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for their elderly loved ones.

Seamless Integration for Comprehensive Elderly Care

   Our smart elder care solution provides a revolutionary service system that coordinates elderly care across home, residential and community.

  • Scenario-based

    Meeting real needs effectively
  • Humanization

    Delivering compassionate and personalized care
  • Automation

    Boosting service efficiency and productivity
  • Openness

    Ensuring long-term benefits and adaptability
  • Modularity

    Ensuring stability and easy scalability
  • Customization

    Tailoring solutions to reduce costs
  • Refinement

    Continuous improvement for top-notch service
  • Platformization

    Streamlining management for efficiency

Home Care

   We provide intelligent aging and aging-friendly renovation services, along with comprehensive life care solutions which are specifically designed for the elderly living at home safely.

Community Care

We specialize in delivering a comprehensive range of customized elderly care services tailored to the unique needs of seniors within the community.

Residential Care

Constructing smart nursing homes can significantly improve the quality of care and services provided to elderly individuals. Our elder care solutions optimize care administration efficiency to maximize care provider availability.

Application Scenarios

   24-Hour Comprehensive Prevention and Control

Health Management

Spiritual Culture

Nutrition and Diet

Daily Nursing Care

Operation Management

Medical Rehabilitation

Safety Assurance

Health ManagementSpiritual CultureNutrition and DietDaily Nursing CareOperation ManagementMedical RehabilitationSafety Assurance

Platform Structure

Smart Elderly Care Robots

Expanding robotic automation in new ways.

Smart Devices Series

  • Pull cord alarm

  • Body sensor

  • Audible and visual alarm

  • Fire sensor

  • Water immersion sensor

  • Smart button

  • Smart gateway

  • Safeguard Series

Safeguard Series

  • Base station

  • Smart bracelet

  • Label

  • Badge

  • Wandering-prevention Monitoring Series

Wandering-prevention Monitoring Series

  • Physical sign monitor device

  • all-in-one physical exam machine

  • Health indicator collection device

  • Health Management Series

Health Management Series

  • AI healthcare service sensor

  • Fall-prevention Management Series

Fall-prevention Management Series

Safeguard SeriesWandering-prevention Monitoring SeriesHealth Management SeriesFall-prevention Management Series

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