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UBTECH focuses on application-oriented R&D, forward-looking R&D and commercialization implementation of core technologies in AI and robotics. Our self-developed full stack of modularized robotic and AI technologies function as building blocks for adaptation and application in a range of enterprise-level and consumer-level scenarios, which lead to a wide range of product portfolio across various industries including education, logistics, wellness and elderly care.

  • 1,600+

    patent applications

  • 800+

    invention patents

  • 300+

    overseas patents

  • 10+

    intellectual property awards

  • 14

    international standards

Core Technologies

Our innovation engine, comprised of our robotic technologies; AI technologies; and integrated robotic and AI technologies enables us to introduce robots with three major characteristics that correspond to the functions of a human being’s body (joint movement), brain (perception) and cerebellum (motion planning and control). Our proprietary technology advancement is utilized in our products and solutions through our proprietary ROSA robotic application framework.

Technical Features

  • Profession

    Many technologies have been verified by top international competitions and top academic summits, authoritative and reliable.
  • Efficiency

    The top team quickly practices, implements, applies, and provides efficient integration services.
  • Innovation

    From technology development to application, continuous exploration to achieve rapid breakthroughs in product safety, stability and reliability.

Academic Cooperation

UBTECH attaches great importance to the integration of industry, academia and research, and has established in-depth cooperative relationships with many well-known universities and research institutions around the world to jointly promote the research and application of cutting-edge technologies in artificial intelligence. At the same time, we have also established academic project-oriented scientific research cooperation with research teams from many well-known universities, and through collaborative innovation models, we promote the development of scientific research in a more forward-looking and breakthrough direction.

Join us

UBTECH Research Institute is dedicated to the exploration, research, and industrialization of service robots and AI technology, and looks forward to the participation of innovative AI talents in various fields. Let us work together to create an AI manufacturing powerhouse and realize the dream of bringing intelligent robots into every household.