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Notice for Supervision and Reporting

The scope of reporting includes any illegal or non-compliant activities that cause losses or potential risks to UBTECH ROBOTICS CORP LTD and its affiliated companies (hereinafter referred to as "the Company"), committed by current or former employees of the Company, as well as suppliers, contractors, customers, and other partners related to the Company.

We encourage you to report with your real name, and we promise to strictly keep the information of both the reporter and the reported confidential. We do not tolerate any form of retaliation against the reporter, so please rest assured that a dedicated team will follow up with and handle all reports. The Company will reward those who help the Company avoid losses through real-name reports, and will strictly investigate and deal with any form of retaliation against reporters, witnesses, or investigators.

At the same time, we require that the reporter be responsible for the truthfulness of the reported content. For intentional complaints with fabricated facts and false accusations, the Company reserves the right to impose disciplinary action or pursue legal liability on the reporter .

Reports can be made in written form and mailed to the following address: Room 2201, Building C1, Nanshan Smart Park, No. 1001 Xueyuan Avenue, Changyuan Community, Taoyuan Street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, PRC. Alternatively, oral reports can be provided in person to personnel with investigative responsibilities. Telephone or email as indicated below.

I. Reports on Commercial Bribery and Fraud
Scope: Including but not limited to offering or receiving kickbacks, irregular cash, physical goods, securities, and other forms of improper benefits.
Hotline: 0755-8347-4428-8818

II. Reports on Export Control, Data Security, and Privacy Protection
Scope: Including but not limited to issues related to export control, data breaches, misuse and sale of data, and illegal provision of personal information.
Hotline: 0755-8347-4428-8875