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Build the Global Hub for AI Talents

AI Center Solution

Experience · Training · Innovation · Exchange

Benefits of AI Center

   Implement the National AI Program to improve the nation's AI literacy, attract and train AI talent, and enhance the nation's digital tech- nology competitiveness.

   Formulate and experiment AI standards, regulations and guidelines for AI talent strategy.

   Improve resource utilization by centralizing the most advanced education resources and pro- fessional educators in one place.

   Exhibit the achievement of AI Strategy by organizing high-level events such as Robotics competitions and summit.

   Connect the "industry-education-research" circle to facilitate the industrial transformation, by bring together the AI companies, college and schools, and academic organizations.

The 4 Thematic Function Centers

AI Experience

AI Experience Center

  • Exhibition of technologies

  • Interactive activities

  • Inspiring experience

AI Training

AI Training Center

  • K12 AI curriculum deployment

  • Practical training for vocational students and technical youth

  • AI Teacher's training programs

  • General training programs for government officials

AI Innovation

AI R&D Center

  • Shared R&D platform with equipment & technical support

  • Management and support of academic research and product innovation

AI Exchange

AI Event Center

  • AI competition

  • AI conference

AI Experience Center

   Exhibition of



AI Training Center

Provide a learning analytics system that promotes individualized student development

K-12 AI Curriculum Deployment

Practical Training for Vocational Students and Technical Youth

General Training Programs for Government Officials

AI Teacher's Training Programs

AI R&D Center - Provide R&D platforms

Provide R&D platforms

Provide research and development platforms
with equipment and technical support for
innovation and practice for technical youth.

Support innovation

Guide, conduct and manage academic
research and product innovation to facilitate the
local practice of AI projects.

AI Event Center

AI Competitions

Holding AI competitions can stimulate public interests while displaying the achievements of AI education. UBTECH has designed a rich competition system to meet.

AI Conference

The conference hall of AI Event Center can be used to hold high-level summits and forums.

The AI Center in China

   Hangzhou Linping AI Center,China

   Shanghai Jiading Youth Tech &
innovation Center, China

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