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uKit ExploreuKit Explore

uKit Explore

Multi-form AI Education Robot

uKit Explore is a multi-form AI education robot platform designed for upper primary and junior secondary school students. It includes the uKit Explore controller that is compatible with the Arduino programming environment. Supporting a variety of sensors and actuators, it can be combined with the structural component kit of UBTECH blocks to allow for diverse model building. Used with uCode, it facilitates AI and IoT education and allows students to easily explore cutting-edge technologies.

Abundant Components for Versatile Robot Building

uKit Explore is compatible with over ten electronic sensors and actuators, and dozens of structural parts. With snap-fit and pin connection design, students could find their way round and have their creativity reflected and practical skills enhanced.
Transforming Robot
Transforming Robot
Transforming Robot
Intelligent access gates for car parks
Radar Detector

Rich Extensions to Bring Cool Technologies to Life

uKit Explore comes with rich extension interfaces and supports the connection with multiple sensors and related peripherals, entitling robots to sense the surrounding environment and react accordingly. By using a combination of various sensors, real-world technologies such as self-balancing, patrol, wireless remote control, and RFID access control are applied in education.
  • uCode Programming Platform Connecting Virtual and Real Worlds

    With uCode, kids can take control of their creative builds and experience the application of cutting-edge technologies in real life. This hands-on experience allows them to apply their programming thinking and nurture their creativity, leading to significant development in practical skills.
  • Multiple Programming Languages from Entry to Advanced Level

    With uCode, students can not only control uKit Explore through graphical programming but also view the corresponding C++ code of programming blocks, helping them advance easily. The combination of hardware and software turns code into tangible intelligent hardware and gives life to programming.
  • Get Started with AIoT Explore Cutting-edge Technologies

    uKit Explore enables communication between multiple controllers to visualize the application of AI and AIoT in real life. Students can create innovative projects such as motion imitation robots, smart home devices, and smart transportation systems.

Courses on AIoT Education

Based on surveys on the demand for AI in education, a scientific, systematic, and rigorous curriculum system has been designed for upper primary and junior secondary school students. Paired with UBTECH's self-developed uCode, students can learn programming, robotics, AI, IoT, and other knowledge from entry to advanced level.
    UBTECH AI Education CurriculaUBTECH AI Education Curricula

Authoritative Competitions to Promote Applied Learning

UBTECH Robot Competition (URC), recognized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), aims to provide a platform for young people to learn and apply AI theories through comprehensive competitions. The Smart Factory and Smart Logistics programs use uKit Explore as the official hardware.
  • URC Smart Factory Program

  • URC Smart Logistics Program

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