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Application Scenarios

UBTECH is committed to bringing a robot into every home. As a next-generation intelligent platform, Humanoid Service Robot Walker has developed six AI application scenarios which are based on its user experiences and customer needs.
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Create the World's First Humanoid Robot Developer Ecosystem

Integrated Walker SDK to support diverse application scenarios


Adapted to Walker's hardware


Provide access to Walker's functional components


Support popular software development languages Support cross-system platforms

Application Scenarios

Customized industry applications, Universities, Scientific research, Access to third-party platforms …… Meet diverse application scenario requirements

Application Scenarios

  • Exhibition Halls

  • Entertainment Shows

  • Colleges and Research Institutions

  • Household Services

  • Warehousing and Logistics

  • Office Environments

Exhibition Halls

Walker enables multimodal human-robot interaction via text, voice, vision, motion, and other environmental elements.
Visitor Reception
Guidance and Introduction
AIoT Control
Entertainment Performance

Entertainment Shows

  • Gala Hosting & Award Presentation

    Walker adds a technological flair to cultural and entertainment performances for greater attention

  • Dance Performance

    Walker boasts dexterous limbs empowered by 41 high-performance servo joints. This enables multiple robots to dance together seamlessly

  • Tai Chi & Yoga

    Walker boasts exceptional flexibility and outstanding motion control, allowing it to execute intricate and flexible movements

  • Crosstalk & Stand-up Comedy

    Walker's humanoid emotional expression and multimodal interactive performance can make the show more hi-tech-like and innovative

Warehousing and Logistics

Walker can be used to address manpower shortages and personalization issues in intelligent manufacturing. It can carry, assemble and inspect objects in warehousing and logistics scenarios, providing more personalized and flexible intelligent manufacturing and logistics solutions.

Colleges and Research Institutions

Walker, powered by ROS and Android, offers a user-friendly development environment, open interfaces, and a standardized platform, making cutting-edge scientific research more accessible and efficient for universities.  

                       Development Directions:

Motion control, computer vision, localization and navigation, task planning, behavioral decision making, human-robot interaction, etc.

                       Open Technical Platform:

Provide secondary development interface and documentation to enable in-depth development from the underlying hardware to the upper modules.

Household Services

   Walker, your household companion, provides simple services to improve your family life. These services include taking out garbage, moving objects, controlling smart devices, using equipment and tools, and watering plants. Walker, which has an amiable humanoid appearance, can provide companionship to the elderly and children. It provides emotional value while alerting to security events.

Office Environments

Walker's accurate face recognition can be seamlessly integrated with a digital surveillance system, allowing it to perform repetitive tasks for humans, such as greeting and automatically scanning visitors, serving drinks, and controlling smart devices.


  • China Pavilion at the Dubai Expo
  • China Science and Technology Museum
  • NEOM, Saudi Arabia's Futuristic City
  • Spring Festival Gala
  • Chinese New Year Talk Show

China Pavilion at the Dubai Expo

As the only Official Partner of AI Robotics for the China Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, UBTECH provided on-site intelligent services to visitors worldwide, including over 165 delegations and VIPs from 45 countries and regions. It marked a milestone of the first commercial application of large humanoid service robots in human history.

China Science and Technology Museum

Walker offers engaging performances in the "Robotic Show" stage of the Science and Technology Exhibition Hall D. Visitors can learn about the progress and changes brought by the rapid development of robotics and AI technology to human production and life from the wonderful science popularization and demonstration.

NEOM, Saudi Arabia's Futuristic City

The first two Walker robots became the first generation of humanoid service robots for NEOM, Saudi Arabia's futuristic city, helping to build the Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030.

Spring Festival Gala

At the 2019 Spring Festival Gala, six Walkers offered stunning performances at the Shenzhen venue. It was the first time in the world that humanoid service robots performed a group dance show at a large gala.

Chinese New Year Talk Show

In the "2022 Chinese New Year Talk Show", UBTECH's panda robot Youyou partnered with famous talk-show performers and presented the show "Business Card". This show was groundbreaking and innovative in both content and presentation.