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Logistics Smart Robotic Products and Solutions


AMRs and AGVs

Industrial Level   Diverse Scene   Cost Effective


Automated Storage and Retrieval System

   Large Storage     Fast Transport    Easy Management

Empower the B2C Logistics with AI + Robotics

Smart Logistics Robotic Solutions

Applied in multiple industries such as Automobile, Tire, 3C Electron, Battery,
to enhance the quality and efficiency in logistics operations
  • Unmanned Factory

  • Unmanned Warehouse

  • Unmanned Delivery

Digitalized Platform System

Software and supporting services to empower robots, as well as to connect with clients' internal platforms,
so as to achieve comprehensive solutions.

Robotic Operating System

UPilot, the robotic operating system, combines functions including navigating, locating, obstacle avoidance and dispatching, so as to achieve comprehensive cluster management through planning, ordering and supervising one or more logistics smart robotics in real time.

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