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AIoT Educational Tools

uKit AI series is designed for AIoT learning, with a newly upgraded micro control unit and powerful accessories such as a vision module, programmable LCD screen, RGB lighting control module, etc. A wide range of AI+IoT applications can be experienced by users.

uKit AI MCU Enpowers Intelligent Voice

With dual microphone arrays, high quality speakers and WiFi modules all packaged in the main control, the AI MCU helps easily implement AI and IoT related functions including intelligent voice that can support online ASR, NLP, TTS services.

uKit AI MCU Supports Intelligent Collaboration

The uKit AI MCU supports communication between multiple devices based on LAN WiFi, enabling the creation of more interactive games and learning projects, such as a robot band, or a robot soccer team, exploring more applications of AI technology in the real world.

Intelligent Vision with
Multiple Built-in Algorithm Models

Experiment with various machine vision application scenarios, which allow students to fully experience and learn all kinds of applications of computer vision recognition algorithms in real life.

Open-sourced Accessories for Rich Learning

Mecanum wheel, programmable bluetooth handle, programmable LCD Screen, programmable RGB lighting control module etc.


uKit AI MCU(micro control unit) Specification

Processor: ESP32

Operating voltage/current: 5V/2A

Memory: 4M  Flash: 16M

Bluetooth: dual-mode Bluetooth 4.2 BR/EDR+BLE  WiFi: 802.b/g/h

Microphone: two-microphone digital MIC  Speaker: 4Ω/2W

Battery: Li-polymer battery, capacity not less than 1200mAh

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