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Intuitive Interactions for Seniors
Tailored for seniors
Elder-friendly height and interaction.
Proactive Emotional Care
With 24/7 support, the robots encourage the elderly to speak, think and socialize more frequently to improve their mental health
Spiritual Companionship
Welli meets daily psychological needs by providing Proactive care as a companion.
Care Management
Welli understands the cognitive status of its owner through hospital admission information and regular evaluations and positively intervenes in the degradation of cognition capability through daily training.
Family Relationships
Welli can strengthen family ties by helping seniors more easily communicate with their family members.
Serve as a Nursing Assistant
Welli can provide daily support for the elderly.
Essentials Delivery
Schedule Reminder
Medication Management
Remote Monitoring
Video Conference
Provide Multiple Pathways of Engagement
Interact with voice, expression, video, graphic and text.
Facial recognition to confirm and greet the intended user with customized menu or voice command.
Guide visitors to their destination by autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance features.
Q&A Interaction
Answers questions based on the preset Q&A base.
Application Scenarios
Nursing Homes Hospitals Supermarkets and Malls Airports Exhibition Halls
Product Specifications
  • Dimensions
    47.5 x 44 x 102 cm
  • Audio/Speaker
    5 W hi-fi speaker x 2
  • Weight
    31 kg
  • Obstacle
    2 cm high obstacle; 3.5 cm gap
  • Battery
    20 Ah lithium battery, compliant with UL1642, UN38.3,
  • Display
    Dual-screen display, the 10.1" main screen shows service content, and
  • IEC62133, UL2054
  • the 5.5" sub-screen shows expressions
  • Speed
    Up to 1 m/s
  • Network
    802.11 B/G/N/AC + BT4.2
  • Positioning
    <25 cm; <10° (navigation)
  • Laser
    Small-sized measuring Lidar with a 270° scanning angle, 0.33° angle
  • Camera
    1080p; output format: JPEG/YUV
  • resolution, and scanning frequency of 15 Hz
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