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Designed to Provide a More Efficient Means of Managing Facility-based Personal Mobility
Ergonomically Designed with Ease and Safety in Mind
Joy-stick Operation
Accurate Control
Easy Side Access
Comfortable Cushion
Smooth Ride on Different Pavements
Hybrid Positioning and Navigation
Precise and Versatile Driving
Hybrid positioning and navigation algorithms meet the large-space navigation requirement,
unlock unprecedented precision and versatility.
CPU Utilization
Memory Usage
Scenario Coverage
Smart Obstacle Avoidance Intelligently Passing Through Bumps
Perceive obstacles, steps, curves and complex terrain in motion, and prompt the user in real time through sound, or automatically brake or slow down to ensure safety.
Real-Time Positioning and Mapping
Accurate Arrival in All Road Conditions
PathFynder has a built-in proprietary 3D navigation obstacle avoidance system and multiple sensors to ensure accurate real-time positioning and mapping for both indoor and outdoor environment.
Lane Keeping Assist Autonomous Driving
Autonomous navigation with our fixed pathway technology can implement cruise driving functions.
Cloud Management Platform
Enable Multiple Devices Collaboration
Our centralized cloud management platform allows users quickly check the locations of robots, flexibly manage on-demand schedules, and efficiently assign nearby robots to complete tasks in a coordinate manner.
Scan the QR Code to Use
Scan the QR code to start cruise driving for fast,
convenient use in public places.
Product Specifications
  • Dimensions
    989 x 705 x 948 mm
  • Positioning Accuracy
    ±0.25 m, ±10°
  • Materials
    Aluminum alloy, seamless steel pipe, ABS plastic
  • Obstacle Crossing Ability
    >5 cm
  • Weight
    49.5 kg
  • Cliff Monitoring
  • Front Wheels
    10" omnidirectional wheel x 2
  • Taillight
    Blue LED strip
  • Back Wheels
    10" inflation-free wheel x 2
  • Network
    802.11 B/G/N + Bluetooth 4.2, 4G/5G router
  • Speed
    0.1 m/s to 1.2 m/s
  • Manual Driving
    Omnidirectional hall joystick
  • Battery
    Imported 12.5 Ah 18650 ternary lithium batteries (removable)
  • Battery Life
  • Human Body Recognition
    Monocular camera: 2 MP color camera
  • Inclination Detection
    9-axis inertial sensor
  • Obstacle Sensing and Avoidance
    RGBD camera (RGB + Depth)
  • Horn
    2W 4Ω stereo horn
  • Lidar
    360° scanning, 0.33° angular resolution
  • Display
    2.6" TFT
  • Rear Obstacle Avoidance
    Closed-system ultrasound sensor
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