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Autonomous Operation with Ergonomics Design
With built-in intelligent controlling system, the handles can autonomous adjusted to fit the user's height and preference.
Autonomous Operation and Safety Protection
Utilizing cutting-edge navigation and obstacle avoidance technology, Wassi can deliver itself to the user and returns for recharging. As an intelligent walking trainer, Wassi can adjust its speed and provides clear voice prompts to guarantee user's safety.
Interactive Training with Multiple Modes
Wassi provides users an interactive training way through touch screen animation and audible exercise instruction. Users can select different training modes by preference.
Real-Time Vital Signs Monitoring
Equipped with real-time physical monitoring capabilities, Wassi ensures continuous user safety.
In case of emergencies, users can press one button to seek for help and the seat can autonomously open and close.
Customized Exercise Plans
Data Capture and Scheduling
Wassi can customize library of exercises according to the gait and limb movement ability of each user. It can automatically collect user performance data and generate training reports to help asset management and user scheduling.
Product Specifications
  • Dimensions
    750 x 645 x (930-1430, adjustable) mm
  • Seat Load Bearing
    100 kg
  • Weight
    65 kg
  • Screen Angle
    0 to 130° (adjustable)
  • Handle Height
    660 to 930 mm (electrically adjustable)
  • Obstacle Crossing Height
    15 mm
  • Seat Height
    0 to 75° (electrically adjustable)
  • Trench Width
    35 mm
  • Speed
    0 to 0.8 m/s (adjustable)
  • Climbing Slope
  • Accessories
    Infusion support can be mounted on the left or right handle
  • Sensors
    Lidar, ultrasonic sensor, front and rear infrared sensors, 3D camera, top RGB camera, IMU inertial sensor, optical sensor, and microphone array
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