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Frees up Staff and Creates New Efficiencies
Automate the Delivery of Sensitive Items
The robot is equipped with a six degree-of-freedom arm, enabling it to grasp and arrange items with the drawers automatically. This drawer incorporates automated opening and closing mechanisms, ensuring secure delivery of sensitive items.
Centralized Monitoring and Control
Secure Delivery with Autonomous Navigation
Built-in collision avoidance technologies to ensure safe delivery and make adjustments to delivery routes; delivery scheduling, reliable delivery tracking and monitoring via secure cloud platform.
Identity Verification and Item Tracking
Drawers can only be opened by verifying user/nurse's identity through the assigned RF badge or password;
one item, one code to enable effective trackability.
Product Specifications
  • Dimensions
    105 x 66 x 104 cm
  • Grasping Weight
    2 kg
  • Weight
    150 kg
  • Drawer Load Bearing
    40 kg
  • Speed
    0.1 m/s to 1 m/s
  • Network
    Wi-Fi, 5G, 4G
  • Positioning Accuracy
    <3 cm; <3° (navigation)
  • Display
  • Obstacle Climbing Ability
    1 cm high; 3.5 cm wide; with a slope of 5°
  • Sensors
    Lidar, ultrasonic and infrared sensors, RGBD
  • camera, IMU, robot arm camera
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