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STEAM Education Tools

The uKit series consists of easy-to-build programmable robots specifically designed for STEAM education. It has corresponding hardware and software solutions for different levels of learners. With authoritative curriculum jointly developed with prestigious universities and a complete set of teaching aids, the uKit series perfectly compliments continuous STEAM education in K12.

User-Friendly Design

Easy to build with animated 3D guidance and snap-fit design, using green and safe materials (ABS+PC plastic).

Multiple Coding Languages for Different Levels of Students

Supporting Blockly coding as well as several text programming languages including C/C++, for both beginners and experienced coding learners.

Scientifc and Systematic Curriculum

Tailored curriculum offerings are available to enable educators to easily integrate the program into the classroom. These offerings were developed in conjunction with experienced educators in this field.

Abundant Electronic Parts

Actuator: LED module, DC servo.

Sensors: Infrared sensor, touch sensor, ultrasonic sensor, sound sensor, light sensor, color sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, grey sensor etc.

Others: Bluetooth speaker, bread board, Bluetooth module, resistor, LED lattice etc.


uKit Controller Specification



Communication Dual Mode Bluetooth3.0/4.0 BLE+EDR

Battery Polymer lithium battery, with capacity ≥1100mAh

Working Voltage DC 6.8V~ 9.6V (Typical Rating: 7.4V)

Power 0.5W (single controller)

Working Current 1A-2A

Working Temperature -5°C-60°C

Interface DC port*1, 2PIN*2, 3PIN*5, 4PIN*1

Dimension 74mm*66mm*41mm

uKit Explore Controller Specification


Weight Approx. 28.5g

Power 0.5W (single controller)

Input Voltage 7.2V-12V DC

Working Voltage 5V

Working Temperature -5°C ~ +60°C

Interface 3Pin*8, 7Pin*6, Micro USB*1, 2Pin*1

Dimension 78mm*66mm*15mm

Others 5V buzzer built-in, programmable RGB LED light, MPU 6050

gyroscope, power switch, reset button, multiple protection circuit design for overcurrent, overload, short circuit, assembly interface

supports standard construction parts.

Servo Specification

Model UBT04HB

Weight 25±0.2g

Input voltage 6.4V~9.6V

Output torque (kg•cm) about 3.5kg•cm

Speed (S/60°) 0.17sec/ 60°

Accuracy 1° with no load, 3° with load

Angle range 0~240°

Working voltage range 6.4V to 9.6V (typical rating 7.4V)

Working temperature -5℃ ~+ 45℃

Work instructions digital format

Communication protocol Half-duplex serial port

Dimension 36mm*34mm*30mm