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K-12 Education

UBTECH is on a mission to cultivate innovative skills essential to future success. The company offers comprehensive AI robotics education solutions for primary and secondary schools, aligning with contemporary education development strategies to facilitate students' overall growth and development.

Offering End-to-end Education Solutions that Foster Future Talent

Coherent AI Curriculum Design That
Emphasizes Systematic Learning for Students

UBTECH's AI robotics education curriculum takes core literacy as its premise and AI as its core, and provides stratified curricula to satisfy educational objectives of different K-12 development stages.  The teaching content covers the needs of real science and innovation scenarios, fitting the mainstream trend of international AI education.

Standard AI Curriculum

The "Future Maker" series of courses is jointly developed by UBTECH, East China Normal University and a team of curriculum experts and consultants, with 9 volumes.

It integrates AI and robotics algorithms and technologies to train students' computational thinking and problem-solving skills.

Upgraded AI Curriculum

Levelled curriculum system is developed based on Chinese related engineering/computing and USA AI4K12 standards to meet the new technologies learning environment. Combining with upgraded AI teaching tools including AI box with strong computing capabilities and RoboGo for autonomous driving simulation, the new curriculum gets more focused and penetrated on AI learning.

Basic STEAM Curriculum

It is designed for students to acquire the fundamental knowledge of AI and robotics. With 4 curriculum of different level, students can adopt task-driven learning mindset, researching and analyzing problems in real life and applying AI knowledge to solve them, which stimulates students' intrinsic drive and improves their overall literacy skills.

Tailored AI Robots as Teaching Tool

UBTECH has developed a series of robotic kits and teaching software tailored to the curriculum system, which is attributed to and based on the company's core technology strengths.

Flexible Teacher Training Options

UBTECH provides systematic support for teachers' professional development and can meet the training requirements of teachers at different stages of development.

Online Open Courses

Low Cost

Time Flexible

Location Unlimited

Face-to-Face Training

High Efficiency

Rapid Response

Quick Learning

Diversified Space Designs to Meet
Students' Various Practice Needs

UBTECH AI education spaces are deployed at three levels with AI bases, AI center and AI lab.

Extending from in-school to out-of-school, it creates a space that integrates AI teaching, technology activities, science popularization and inquiry competition, allowing students to experience the charm of technology.

AI Base

AI Base

Regional AI Education Hub

Through the implementation of special courses,

thematic activities,

competitions and teacher training, the AI Base will turn into an all-round quality education base, providing a showcase for innovative educational achievements and making the teaching scenario of AI education, not limited to the school classroom.

AI Center

AI Center

AI Education
Demonstration Center

The AI Center School has added a display area and a creative area to provide more opportunities for creative practice for teachers and students, besides the basic needs of teaching and activity scenarios.

AI Lab

AI Lab

AI Standardized
Teaching Service Space

The AI Lab focuses on a practice area to meet the needs of both teaching and activity scenarios, and to enlighten students' interest in learning AI.

Our Strengths

  • UBTECH Advantages

       A world-renowned AI robot unicorn company with strong technological strength and R&D resources.

  • Complete Solutions

       Entire curriculum system developed for K-12 eduction combining with systematic hardware and software roadmap to ensure a good user experience and teaching quality.

  • Partner Ecosystem

       A comprehensive education ecosystem linking world-renowned universities, institutions and experts, providing teachers and students with knowledge and access to the real world.

  • Implementation Guarantee

       Three-level operation system, with professional services, to fully guarantee the effectiveness of project implementation.

Case List

Vietnam National University The first AIC (AI Center) was launched at Vietnam National University Ho Chi Ming City in April 2021. The AIC is the first center in a five-year AI education development strategy chain (2021 - 2025). UBTECH's local partner IPPG will coordinate with universities and educational institutions to establish 10 additional AI centers and install 1,800 AI Labs with the goal of training more than 2.5 million students annually.

Tsinghua University

   AI Robotics Training for Unemployed Adults Since July 2020, the training class has been launched at NTUC Learning Hub in Singapore. The training program, funded and approved by SkillsFuture Singapore, is expected to cover more than 300 trainees who may have been unemployed during the Covid-19 pandemic.


   Jointly build a region-wide popularization of AI robotics education. The implementation of UBTECH's AI robotics curriculum system in Thailand began in 2019. More than 150 primary, secondary and vocational schools have conducted AI robotics classes and more than 3,000 students have learned new knowledge of AI and robot.


   National record of most number of participants in a robotic interactive learning event Worked with Tech Dome and local partner, UBTECH created Malaysia national record with 629 students from primary, secondary and high schools completed robotic workshop and competition in one single day.

Penang, Malaysia

   Building a new benchmark for national AI education based on new infrastructure UBTECH and Yuhang District Education Bureau jointly create AI education for elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, general vocational teachers and students in Yuhang District, Hangzhou, including 96 standard schools, 4 central schools and 2 base schools, providing courses, competitions, practice and other learning opportunities for about 33,000 students in the district.

Yuhang District, Hangzhou