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Improved Structure & Locomotion Capability

Walker S, our 1.7m new industrial humanoid robot presents a greater level of performance. The newly equipped force-compliant drive joints and rigid-flexible coupling hybrid structures enable Walker S to walk stably on mobile production lines.

Comprehensive Perception

With 41 servo joints with force feedback, multiple visual, audio and distance sensors, innovative multi-modal sensor fusion and dynamic environment exploration, Walker S can reliably perceive its surroundings, humans and objects.

Upgraded 3D Semantic Navigation

With built-in high-resolution RGBD visual sensors, Walker S can observe the surrounding environment, create 3D semantic maps, and design walking routes while avoiding obstacles, so as to operate safely and precisely.


Highly Intelligent Large Language Model

Walker S integrates deeply with LLM, gaining advanced intent understanding and fine-grained planning capabilities on top of its existing multimodal perception and motion control abilities, enabling it to perform a variety of tasks in different environments.

Advanced Object Detection & Grasping

By processing 3D Point Cloud information, Walker S is able to recognize the 6D pose of complex objects, and can complete grasping with its hand-eye coordination capabilities.


System Integration & Real-time Transmission

Walker S can automatically connect to the manufacturing management system to exchange information in real-time about the production status, thus guaranteeing data synchronization throughout the factory.


Partner with us and
join the revolutionary humanoid robot industrialization!

Partner with us and join the revolutionary humanoid robot industrialization!

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